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Toll Free: 1-877-DrHoNow (1-877-374-6669)
Toll Free: 1-877-DrHoNow (1-877-374-6669) or
Toll Free: 1-877-DrHoNow (1-877-374-6669)
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My back feels amazing with the DR-HO'S Belt. It's very effective and saves me time. I can do it on my own. I like how it supports my waist and how it stretches the muscles in my lowe...

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I've been having a back problem for about 10, 15 years climing eavestrough installation and I go up the ladder a lot, like up and down, it's really hard on the legs and the lower bac...

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"I use the DR-HO'S Foot Massager because I'm a diabetic, and I suffer nerve damage in my feet and some in my legs. I sometimes have numbness up here. And I can actually pinch it, and...

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Pain was located primarily in my rotator cuff, which led to muscle tension across my back and up into my neck. It would affect me in my work a day, my ability to relax and more impor...

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Simon B

It feels good. It feels really good. I feel like I'm getting a proper arch in my back. It feels more straight. I don't feel like I'm slouched over, no discomfort. Definitely your min...

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Geoff W & Rocco S

"Geoff: I've had lower back pain and along with my lower back pain I had problems in my legs. And both my back pain and the pain in my legs have gone away after wearing this belt. ...

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It's all about the comfort and how effective it is. DR-HO'S Belt works. You just pump it up, and you can feel it stretching and supporting your back. I wear it all day long. I wear i...

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I hurt my back when I was young. I had a plank fall on my back. Before I had the belt, I was limited to what I could do. The problem is bending over, and when I bend over, I go to st...

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Sports Related Back Pain

"Colleen: When I'm bowling without the belt, my back, as soon as I bend down, the base of my back hurts. But when I put the belt on, it makes me stay straight, up and down, so you ha...

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