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Magic Heat Pad

Magic Heat Pad

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This heat pack is amazing.Just the correct heat for me. Great on the muscles of the neck. Makes them relax. Worth getting

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Magic Heat Pad

Magic Heat Pad
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DR-HO'S Magic Heat Pad is the most convenient and easiest heat pad you will ever use.  The heat pad contains non-toxic ingredients and is comprised of only a salt based solution and water.  All you have to do is bend or click the coin inside the solution and it will react with the liquid to create soothing therapuetic heat.  The Magic Heat Pad heats up to about 54c or 130f and is comfortable for you to use anywhere.  Unlike other heat pads which you either have to throw away or use a microwave the DR-HO'S Magic Heat Pad is reusable and can be reused thousands of times providing you pain relief for back pain all day long.