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Health Tips

  • Simple Tips For Reducing Stress & Anxiety

    When you have a bad day, it can seem like everything else in your life struggles as a result. This same idea can be applied to chronic aches and pains associated with your back, spine, neck and shoulder muscles. Whether you have dull or severe discomfort, being stressed or anxious can make the pain that much worse. There are different ways ways you can deal with stress and anxiety. Here are a few strategies to k

  • New Study Suggests Walking Could Treat Lower Back Pain

    There may be a new drug-free pain relief method to treat lower back pain on the horizon - and it's simpler than you think. According to a new study conducted by researchers at Tel Aviv University's Stanley Steyer School of Health Professions, walking two to three times per week for a period of 20 to 40 minutes may be just as effective at alleviating lower back pain as muscle-strengthening and rehabilitation programs that could become very pricey.

  • Shared: 12 Yoga Poses To Undo The Damage Of Your Desk Job

    Personally, I've never tried yoga, aside from the Child's Pose (shown in the list below) which really does a great job of stretching out the back.

    What I do have though, is all of the muscle aches and posture issues listed below! "Sitting is the new smoking" (Wired Magazine) is a pretty scary thing to hear. It's important to get up and move around if possible throughout your work day. Go get a drink, take a brief walk during your lunch, stretch your limbs. On

  • Why (and How) You Should Eat Raw Garlic

    (Image from: Agora Cosmopolitan)

    In many cultures, garlic is considered the go-to herb for ailments ranging from the common cold and the flu to stomach problems or athlete's foot.

    But more recently, scientists at the Jiangsu Provincial Centre for Disease Control and Prevention considered the consumption of raw garlic and whether it affected one's chances of developing lung cance

  • Journal of American Medical Association says, " appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements."

    Journal of American Medical Association says, " appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements.

    Are you currently taking a good multi-vitamin?

    If not, you should.  According to the Journal of American Medical Association, Most people do

  • Benefits of Seasonal Cleansing

    Spring is around the corner and we can all start looking forward to the forthcoming warm summer months.  I'm sure you have many other things to do during the spring time, but I usually take this time to start my Spring Cleansing Digestive Detox regimen.

    Changes in seasons tend to be transitionary phases not only for your lifestyle, but more importantly for your body and its overall digestive health.  This is largely due to the fact that our diets change from season

  • Top 5 Tips for a Successful Digestive Detox & Cleanse

    I love receiving correspondence from my customers. It helps me keep up-to-date with how well my products work and what you like about my products. More importantly though your feedback helps me to improve upon what we offer.

    I recently received a letter from Claire in Ontario, Canada asking: "How can I have an effective cleanse each time I use your system?" This is a great question that will benefit everyone who does a cleanse.

    My Digestive Detox System is extremely ea

  • 10 Scientifically Based Weight Loss Tips

    Losing weight can be a daunting task, but you don't need to resort to crash dieting to achieve your weight loss goals. Crash dieting not only fails to provide you with proper nutrition, but is also ineffective for maintaining your weight loss. Instead, I've always advised my patients to make small changes to their lifestyles to achieve their desired body image while being rewarding with life-long results. Try incorporating my top 10 scientifically based tips into your life to help y

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