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Pain Relief System

Pain Relief System

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Barbara L., Canada
I want to let you know you can feel confident to purchase this product, whether it's online, TV, etc. I got my Dr Ho system at the local drug store about six months ago. I had daily back pain and I used the large pads daily. What an incredible feeling of relief. The massage is amazing, especially as the system cycles through various massage movements. It was also very relaxing and soothing. My pain was gone after a couple weeks but I'd often use the pads on my lower back just for relaxation and maintenance. This purchase was worth every cent and I highly recommend it.
Joyce S., Humboldt, SK
"It seems to reach where no one or nothing else can"

I work in the health field and over the last 2 years have added stress. My shoulders and neck are always tight; hard as a rock. I had a massage last Monday and by Wednesday my friend was trying to massage me also as it was so sore. My client gave me her “Dr. Ho” to try and the relief was amazing! It seems to reach where no one or nothing else can. I ordered my own system from the shopping channel. It is more advanced than the system I tried. I know I will love it.
Majorie S., Ammon, NB
"I am now confident that I will see a full recovery."

I am amazed how much the product has helped me. Three months ago I started having mini-strokes which affected my right hand. It took a few weeks for the final diagnosis, by then the neurologist did not give me much hope of ever getting the use back in my hand. My friends recommended DR-HO’S Dual Muscle Therapy and now my hand is improving daily. I am now confident that I will see a full recovery.

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Pain Therapy System

Helps Relieve Pain and Symptoms of Fibromyalgia.
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**Check out the Deluxe Package or the Ultimate Package for even more savings! 

DR-HO'S Dual Muscle Therapy System is the latest innovation to help relieve muscle tension and pain in just 20 minutes. It is a professional device used by Chiropractors ands Physiotherapist.  It was developed by Dr. Michael Ho, a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, at his Pain and Headache Clinic in Toronto, Canada for his patients.  Studies conducted by Dr. Stuart M. McGill, PhD. and commissioned by Dr. Michael Ho found that DR-HO’S® device can (1) significantly relieve pain; (2) significantly reduce muscle tension and spasms; (3) increase tissue oxygenation; and (4) increase circulation. See Scientific Study for more information.

DR-HO’S Dual Muscle Therapy System is a digital massage therapy system programmed to provide the 12 best soothing massage techniques that are proven to help relieve pain and tension in as little as 20 minutes. DR-HO’S NEW Dual Muscle Therapy System is equipped with dual (2) ports to power four (4) adhesive gel pads at the same time. Now you can treat different body areas at one time or you can share a soothing relaxation massage with another person at the same time. It's like doubling your pleasure and relief in half the time.

DR-HO’S Dual Muscle Therapy System is small enough to put inside your shirt pocket, but powerful enough to provide fast relief to tense muscles that are deep and chronically tight. Use it at home, at work, while traveling, before and after any physical activity or sports events. For chronic and severe conditions or sports therapy, you can use DR-HO'S Dual Muscle Therapy System several times per day to help speed up maximum recovery. There's no worry about over using DR-HO'S® because there are no drugs or chemicals involved. You don't have to worry about any chemical side effects.

The system comes with a full instructional DVD and quick reference guide that demonstrates proper placement of the massage pads, body positioning and corrective exercises for over 20 different body areas. It’s like having Dr. Michael Ho doing a house call for you and your family anytime you want. Now the benefits of professional massage therapy and physiotherapy can be found in DR-HO’Spocket-sized system!

With the Dual Muscle Thearpy System, you can experience Fibromyalgia pain relief, leg pain relief, nerve pain relief, along with elbow, wrist and hand pain relief.You have to try DR-HO’S Dual Muscle Therapy System to experience how soothing it feels and how well you will function afterwards.

Also, be sure to get extra Pain Relief System accessories along with your Muscle Therapy System.