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Decompression Belt Package

Decompression Belt Package

Deflate to Inflate (Before & After)

Deflate to Inflate (Before & After)

X-RAY (Before)

X-RAY (Before)

X-RAY (After)

X-RAY (After)

X-RAY (Before & After)

X-RAY (Before & After)

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Kathryn C. *****
My husband seen this ad on tv and sais I should order it,so i looked it up online and ordered it. I have had severe back,hip and leg pain for at least a year, had shots and different things done with very little relief, really hadn't felt good in along time, I use to walk alot had trouble even standing to cook. I recieved it on 2/10 and started using it, I could feel the difference at once. Was going the next day with my son and wife and new grandson, to help them while they were having their taxes. I had it on for hours that we were gone, I felt great, I also hadn't slept very well in along time, so now I wake up feeling better than ever. My mother whom I help take to all her Drs. appt. said she couldn't beleive how well I was getting around. this product is great and won't be sending it back. thank you so much now maybe I can get back to doing the things that i use to do. Again Thank You. FEELING GREAT!!! IN CALIFORNIA, Kathy C.
Ben G., BC, Canada
I have had a severe problem with golfers elbow in my right arm. This was caused by working out using heavy dumbbells. I had to stop working out due to the terrible pain I was getting in my elbow.

I decided to buy the Dr Ho TENS unit and it has been absolutely fantastic, I could feel the benefit after my first treatment of 40 minutes using cycle A.

The unit is very easy to use and works flawlessly!

All I can say is I am so happy I bought this device, it has been awesome. I would highly recommend this unit to anybody with muscle or tendon issues.
Blaine D., Edmonton, AB Canada
In early December I happened across a Youtube video on Dr. Ho's Muscle Therapy. At first, I must admit, I thought it was one of those useless devices that promised much but delivered little. However, I decided to check out this product along with other tens devices. I was extremely impressed with the number of positive reviews of Dr. Ho's system and the testimonials of numerous users. Shoppers Drug Mart had a sale on the two pad units, thus I made the decision to try it out. I had to go to several stores before I could find Dr. Ho's product as many people had similar thoughts to me.

Just over a year ago, my sciatic nerve discovered me. I woke up one morning and felt rather stiff. Wrote that off to the way I was sleeping with my dog pushed up behind me. I was able to walk about a half block when the pain along my left leg became severe. Literally, I had to sit down on the sidewalk as it felt like I had been stabbed in several locations along my left leg. Five visits to an acupuncturist was able to get me walking again. For continued treatment, I would take the odd acupuncture treatment, massage and took up yoga to help build up strength and open up the back muscles. However, moving, lifting or walking for long distances can often bring about a new episode, albeit not as bad as the initial one.

I went cross country skiing and returned home to find that the outside of my upper thigh was starting to tighten up and a dull pain was commencing in the area. I tried Dr. Ho's muscle therapy for the first time. It was rather interesting to see the muscles contracting and releasing. I applied the pads to my thigh for twenty minutes and then placed them on my lower back for 45 minutes. About an hour later I noticed a significant decrease in pain. Later in the evening in hit me that I was feeling pretty good and was able to take the dog for a lengthy walk.

Now, whenever I feel pain and\or stiffness in my leg or back, I apply Dr. Ho's tens machine. It is proving to be remarkably effective in stopping the pain and getting me going again. This is proving to be extremely convenient as I do not have to spend the time and money to go for massage therapy or an acupuncture treatment on a regular basis. I have now integrated it into my treatment program. I have been so successful in treating my condition that a friend with similar issues is now planning to purchase his own unit.

I found Dr. Ho's system to be fool proof. It is extremely easy and safe to use. The enclosed DVD was very helpful and covers just about everything you need to know about its operation. It is compact and not cumbersome. The wires are long enough to reach any area of the body requiring treatment. I like the idea of the three timer settings which ensures you do not fall asleep with it on.

Suggestion - On\Off Intensity Adjuster - Make the dial a little stiffer to rotate in order to prevent it from moving by accident.

I would not have believed that such a small device operating on two AAA batteries would offer such relief and effectiveness. Nice job Dr. Ho!

Yours truly,

Blaine D.

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2-in-1 Decompression Back Belt with FREE Magic Heat Pad

The Decompression Back Belt is great for relieving lower back pain, tension and stiffness. Please see the size chart to choose the correct size belt.
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Size Chart

There are 2 different belt sizes – A and B. Each belt size fits a range of waist sizes, as indicated in the sizing chart.  To ensure that you choose the correct size you can measure your waist with a measuring tape. Simply line up the measuring tape with your belly button and go around your body for the most accurate measurement.


Use pant or waist size to determine belt size

Belt Size

Women only

Men & Women

Pant size

Waist size / Jean size (inches)

0 – 16

25" - 41"



42" - 55"